As the ship goes down, we shall RAGE on. For that is our sacred duty.



 Hartley’s Encore is a funk/soul band from Albany, NY. Their mission: making music that's equal parts soundtrack to your Saturday night and bacon for your Sunday brunch. Frequently FUNKY—and always soulful—H.E. is the house band at your dance party for the apocalypse. They have shared the stage with such greats as Eric Krasno (of Soulive/Lettuce), were recently selected as a "[Band] You Should Know," by in its 2017 year-in-review, and are in the process of recording/mixing their debut EP with iconic drummer/producer Alan Evans (of Soulive) at (his) Iron Wax Recording Studio.  

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-3/24/18 at Putnam Place (formerly Putnam Den), Saratoga Springs, NY, with Peter Prince & Moon Boot Lover, and The LateShift

***More dates coming very soon***


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--Luke Malamood: Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Hammond Organ/Percussion

-Chris Oliver: Guitar/Vocals

-Jeff Nania: Saxophones/Percussion/Vocals

-Josh Gordon: Bass

-Mike Gilet: Drums

-Phil Chow: Trumpet*

-Erik Pravel: Drums#

-Brad Monkell: Bass+

-Alex Gonzalez: Percussion

-Suren Kyaruns: Saxaphones*

-Zach Lauzon: Trombone*


*Hartley's Horns (playing on select dates).

#Other Funky Drummer (playing on select dates).

+Other Funky Bassist (playing on select dates)


-Paul Lyons: Drums%

-Adam Karian: Bass%

%Hartley's Encore emeritus with standing sit-in privileges