Hartley’s Encore is a funk/soul band from Albany, NY. Their mission: making music that's equal parts soundtrack to your Saturday night and bacon for your Sunday brunch. Frequently FUNKY—and always soulful—H.E. is the house band at your dance party for the apocalypse. Their sound: (1) smart melodies & hooks; (2) funk/R&B grooves; (3) earworm horn lines; (4) electrifying solos. Think: Bill Withers + The Meters + Jamiroquai + Tower of Power + Lettuce.

They have shared the stage with established icons, and stars of today’s scene, such as Los Lobos, and Eric Krasno (of Soulive/Lettuce), as well as future stars, and artists on the rise, like Brandon “TAZ” Niederauer, and Kat Wright.

On 3/1/19, they released their new single "Feels So Good," which was recorded and mixed by iconic drummer/producer Alan Evans (of Soulive) at his Iron Wax Studios. It is now available on Spotify, iTunes, and all major digital platforms. Their self-titled debut record---also recorded and mixed by Alan Evans at Iron Wax Studios---was released on 4/20/18. 

Hartley’s Encore was selected as a "[Band] You Should Know," by NYSMusic.com in its 2017 year-in-review, and both their recorded material and high-energy live shows have received positive reviews: Flea Market Funk (Record Review); A & R Factory (Single Review); NYS Music (Record Review); NYS Music (Live Show Review); Times Union (Albany, NY); Spotlight (Albany, NY); NYS Music (In-Depth Interview).

Stay tuned for more fresh material to be released in Spring of 2019, and make sure to catch them live in the near future at a show near you! 



-Luke Malamood: Lead Vocals/Keys/ Hammond Organ/Percussion💥

-Chris Oliver: Guitar/Vocals💥

-Jeff Nania: Saxophones/Perc./Vox💥

-Mike Gilet: Drums💥

-Erik Pravel: Drums💥

-Brad Monkell: Bass💥

-Zach Lauzon: Trombone💥

-Alex Gonzalez: Percussion⚡️

-Josh Gordon: Bass⚡️

-Phil Chow: Trumpet⚡️

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“Feels So Good” LIVE at Bowery Electric (NYC) 9/28/18

Feels So Good“ had the crowd MOVING🔥at Bowery Electric (NYC) back on 9/28/18! Proud to say that this tune has since been recorded (with our brother Alan Evans of Soulive, at Iron Wax Studios) and was released on all major digital platforms on 3/1/19!

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Hope you enjoy our brand new single "Feels So Good," released March 1, 2019.  It was recorded and mixed by Alan 

Evans (of Soulive) at Iron Wax Studios, and is available on all major digital platforms. Play it loud, Play if often...and whatever you do, make sure it Feels So Good!